The Keys to Success


– The NISQ Qualification Portfolio, has been logically designed, based on over 30 years’ experience, it is built on tried and tested defensible rationale, methodology and tradecraft, it provides plausible yet evolving practical and academic content, that meets National Standards, will provide effective progressive security solutions.


-The NISQ Qualification Portfolio, provides a high level of trustworthiness and consistencies, both in its assessment process and its delivery, the assessment process affords a form of transferable standardisation between the NISQ Approved Centres/Assessor, internal moderators and qualification coordinators by removing any inconsistency that may appear due to human error in interpretation, NISQ will provide support and guidance for the NISQ Approved Centre to ensure as far as possible the assessment and delivery is/remains reliable.


– The NISQ Qualification Portfolio of Qualifications presents a new and unique range of specialised security and security Qualifications, assessment comparison may be difficult at this point, due to unique assessment outcomes, where however there is a comparison NISQ should ensure a comparability between these to ensure the level of difficulty or demand is considered, this allows for learners to be fairly and accurately assessed.


– The NISQ Qualification Portfolio and the Regulated Qualifications it makes available or proposes to make available are designed to be delivered with control and without any difficulties that would affect the feasibility of an assessment process. To achieve this the NISQ Qualification Portfolio will only place reasonable demands on the NISQ Approved Centre through the NISQ Assessment Process.


– The case for the NISQ Qualification Portfolio to be based in Northern Ireland is firmly grounded on the security experiences gained by the Security Services through a period known as the “Troubles” and the subsequent Peace Process.


– NISQ has created a robust, diverse, transparent, fair learning Qualification structure based on strong ethical values with an ethos that encourages Professionalism. NISQ has brought together a diverse group of Academics, Professional Consultant Advisers and World-renowned Subject Matter Lecturers to carry out research and to keep developing as an Awarding Organisation providing relevant quantifiable Qualifications for the Security Professional.


– One of the functions of an Awarding Organisation is to Approve Centres in order that NISQ Regulated Qualifications can be delivered to the learner. The NISQ Approved Centres must satisfy NISQ they are properly governed, structured, staffed and financially viable to deliver the NISQ Regulated Qualifications. The NISQ Approved Centre must be Learner focused, delivering the Qualification under the criteria set by NISQ. The NISQ Approved Centre must take all reasonable steps to remove or minimise any disruption to the Learner during their Qualification Cycle.