N.I Security Qualifications Ltd. [NISQ]

– an Awarding Organisation

N. I. Security Qualifications Ltd (NISQ) have been developing their Qualifications Portfolio since 2014, and during this extensive period of research identified a real global need for fully accredited, progressive and structured Regulated Qualifications in Specialist Security and Security that could deliver both practice methodology and sector specific high-level academia, supported and delivered through a bespoke structure of professionally Regulated Approved Centres each with their own environmental and unique specialist knowledge of the Global Security Sectors.
The Global need for Regulated Specialised Security Qualifications identified by NISQ is across both the private and public sectors. By building on the extensive and varied “in theatre experiences” of the company principles and teaching personnel within the Security and Economic Development sphere including the bespoke peace incentive progammes developed to surcome the past 30 years of “troubles and conflict” within Northern Ireland.  Through the intigration of this expertise, NISQ was able to develop a Qualification Portfolio that offers a comprehensive yet flexible suite of Regulated Qualifications that meet the demands of either the individual learner, corporate or national users of Qualifications.
The NISQ Qualification Portfolio provides a unique Regulated Qualification pathway for those either wanting to enter the Security Sector, or currently employed in the Security Sector, both Private and Public Bodies seeking promotion or wanting to improve their CV’s. Through NISQ, Learners can quantify and improve their level of expertise, through a series of challenging and rewarding Regulated Qualifications.
Delivery of the NISQ Regulated Qualifications are exclusively undertaken through NISQ Approved Centres. All NISQ Approved Centres and NISQ learners are monitored, assessed and validated by NISQ – the Awarding Organisation.

Through uniquely combining the practical world of training with the academic world of learning the NISQ Regulated Qualifications encompass an identifiable, transferable, quantifiable and progressive Qualification pathway of specialist security subject matter disciplines including a combination of disciplines from entry level 2 through to level 7.

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The NISQ Qualification pathway is the level 2 to level 7 component of the Praesum Specialised Security Platform. This Platform encompasses a cognate development thread from level 2 – 7 traversing to University Level 8 Certificate, level 8 Higher Diploma, Degree and Masters. (currently pending University approval).