NISQ Centre Approval:

Continuous Professional Development for Centres

NISQ Approved Centres aim to create Scientific Practitioners to ensure evidence based practice.

Centre Registration

One of the functions of NISQ as an Awarding Organisation is to Approve Centres in order that NISQ Regulated Qualifications can be delivered professionally to the learner through them. The NISQ Approved Centres must satisfy NISQ they are properly governed, structured, staffed and financially viable to deliver the NISQ Regulated Qualifications. The NISQ Approved Centre must be Learner focused, delivering the Qualification under the criteria set by NISQ. The NISQ Approved Centre must take all reasonable steps to remove or minimise any disruption to the Learner during their Qualification Cycle.


NISQ Approved Centres are required to deliver both the practice and academic elements of the NISQ Qualifications. NISQ Approved Centre Staff must meet criteria set by NISQ in order to provide delivery. NISQ robustly externally verifiers quality assurance of NISQ Approve Centres, any NISQ Approved Centre not complying with the conditions and criteria set by NISQ will face sanctions and or loss of Centre Approval status.

NISQ Approved Centres

The following centres are approved to deliver NISQ Specialised Security Qualifications. Please choose the NISQ Approved Centre of your choice below, then choose the Qualification Package of your choice.

PraesumNI Ltd

Training company: PraesumNI Ltd

51 Old Ballygowan road,


BT23 5NP